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Let's fight this together!

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What is CoronaX

CoronaX is a project of American TelePhysicians rooted in the principle of humanity beyond borders to provide free online consultations. 


Our world is experiencing the worst catastrophe of our times in the form of Covid-19. Health systems have crumbled across the globe trying their best to provide care to the maximum number of Covid-19 patients. But the enormity and amplitude of this crisis has been beyond the comprehension and control of governments & healthcare bodies, especially in developing countries. 


In these difficult times, USA based doctors from various specialties & ethnicities have come together to help the ones in need by providing free volunteer consultations & care through telemedicine, overcoming the physical and geographical limitations. 

Corona Virus strikes without discrimination, let's fight together for its extinction. 

How it works

For an uninterrupted & seamless consultation experience, download SmartClinix App


Talking to a physician on CoronaX is very simple. Just follow the 4 simple steps below to get free consultation


Select your country location from the drop down list provided. More countries are being added on regular basis.


Select Country 


Choose from the list of available physicians. You may choose the doctor by gender or the languages he/she speaks fluently. 

Choose Doctor 


Schedule Consultation

Schedule consultation based on available slots by providing contact details and brief history. 


Get Online Consultation 

After your appointment is booked, you'll receive confirmation via call/email/text including the confirmed time of your appointment when you may log on via mobile or computer to get consultation

Alternatively, you can request an appointment by clicking HERE and you'll receive a consultation link for available slot. 

COVID-19: Global deaths pass 3 million

COVID-19: Global deaths pass 3 million

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