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Get COVID consultation Quick, Easy & Free

For an uninterrupted & seamless consultation experience, download SmartClinix App


Talking to physician on CoronaX is very easy. Simply follow the 4 steps below to get a FREE consultation!


Select your country from the drop down list provided. More countries are being added on regular basis. 

Select Country


Choose your desired physician from the list of physicians licensed to practice in your country. You may choose the doctor by gender or the languages he/she speaks fluently. 

Choose Doctor 


Book Appointment

Schedule consultation on the day and time of your choice by providing contact details and brief history. 


Get Online Consultation 

After your appointment is booked, you'll receive confirmation via call/email/text including the confirmed time of your appointment when you may log on via mobile or computer to get consultation

 Alternatively, you can request an appointment by clicking here and you'll receive a consultation link for available slot. 


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Before proceeding, please note that this service is only for patients with diagnosis of Covid and related illness. This voluntary service is being provided free of cost to you during the COVID-19 pandemic to help you while you await access to professional health care advice and guidance locally. This service only provides scheduled consultations only as second opinion services and must not be used for any emergency or in life-threatening situations.



Please note that by accessing this website you agree to this disclaimer notice as well as SmartClinix terms and conditions.

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More countries are being added regularly. 


Q. Do I need to have a local doctor as well if I am signing up at Coronax?

A: Yes, this is a second opinion platform and our physicians aim to help bridge the gap between your symptoms and delay in finding a local physician. We advise you to please get in touch with a local physician as soon as possible.


Q. What should I do first when I am not feeling well?

A: If you have symptoms of cough, cold or a temperature of 100 F or higher please get a Rapid covid test or RT PCR and try to find a local physician. This is the time to sign up with as well so that we can help guide you and recommend what you should monitor and medications you can consider.


Q. Do I have to pay for signing up or getting a consultation on Coronax?

A: No, this is a free consultation site for Covid related symptoms only. There is no cost for signing up or for the consultation.

Q. What labs should I get done along with the COVID test?

A: Based on the local and global guidelines, we recommend getting a CBC, ESR, CRP, D Dimer, KFT and LFT as the initial blood work. Further recommendations will depend upon your local doctor and online consultation with Coronax physicians.


Q. Should I start steroids immediately?

A: NO. please do not start any medications except crocin/ paracetamol for a fever. All medications should be started after a consultation with your local physician or a Coronax physician.


Q. What do I need to monitor when I start feeling unwell?

A: Please check your temperature, pulse ox (oxygen saturation), pulse twice a day at least and keep a log of the same. Other monitoring recommendations will come from your local physician or Coronax physicians based on any other underlying chronic illness you may have.

Q. When should I go to the hospital?

A: Ideally we hope you are in the care of a local physician who can guide you regarding this. Based on your symptoms, our physicians can recommend the same as well. If your oxygen levels drop less than 94 or you feel any shortness of breath or chest pain- you should be heading towards an ER.


Q. Can Coronax physicians help me find oxygen at home or a hospital bed?

A: At this time we unfortunately cannot. The local health care system is over burdened and we have no control over local access to oxygen tanks/ concentrators/medications or hospital beds. Our aim is to hopefully prevent the need of hospitalization by providing early recommendations and guidance for COVID. There are resource websites available under the patient resources tab.

Q. Should I get a CT Chest done when I get symptoms?

A: We do NOT recommend CT chest for everyone having symptoms or testing positive for COVID. It will depend on your symptoms and guidance by your local physician and Coronax physicians.


Q. Do I need to download the SmartClinix app?

A: we do recommend you download the app- which is free, to ensure you can access our physicians easily.


Q. Can Coronax Physicians monitor me in the hospital as well?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot. Our aim is to provide at home and early care to ideally avoid hospitalization. If you need hospitalization, the local Hospital/ critical care team will be managing your care.


Other patient guidelines as published by AIIMS Delhi

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